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The success of a company depends largely on the contribution of key leaders, employees and partners. The sudden loss of one of these key contributors, even temporarily, can threaten the future of the company.

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Personal insurance from whole life, term life, critical illness, long-term care, health & dental, and travel. Find out more about these programs and how they can help you protect yours and your family's future.

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The sale of segregated funds in Canada is a huge area of growth. Segregated funds offer the benefits of participating in the returns of pools of funds like a mutual fund, but with extra guarantees to help mitigate your losses in down markets.

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Other Services

Sit down with us and discuss other ways we caan help such as tax strategy, financial strategy, group benefits, and group planning insurance. Schedule a consultation to discuss or find out more about our wide range of financial services.

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Experience Protecting You

 In 1998, Allan Burgoyne incorporated his practice (A.M. Burgoyne Insurance Associates Inc.) and became a true brokerage firm that does high level coverage with the largest insurance companies in Canada. Allan routinely qualifies for world wide insurance conferences and has been a perennial speaker at such conferences.


Since 1998, Allan has positioned his company as the premier brokerage firm specializing in the corporate and professional fields. Allan now has clients in all three Maritime Provinces, several of whom are leaders in Maritime Business. Allan works very closely with the top Chartered Accountant and Law Firms in the Maritimes to ensure outstanding service for his clients. 

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217 Belvedere Ave, Charlottetown, PE C1A 2Z4, Canada

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