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The success of a company depends largely on the contribution of key leaders, employees and partners. The sudden loss of one of these key contributors, even temporarily, can threaten the future of the company.

Corporate Owned Critical Illness Insurance

Corporate owned critical illness insurance enables business leaders to protect against economic risks caused by the serious illness of a shareholder or key employee.

Corporate owned critical illness insurance also enables the company to demonstrate its appreciation of a key employee by naming him or her the beneficiary.

Corporate Owned Insured Annuity

As with a regular insured annuity a company that has non-registered funds sitting in its accounts or in low return guaranteed investment certificates (GIC’s) often do not realize the taxation benefits of utilizing annuities for the money and backing it up with an insurance policy that pays out at death. There have been new developments in this area that make insured annuities extremely attractive for an elderly shareholder.

Corporate Owned Buy/Sell Insurance

Many companies have buy/sell agreements stating that if a shareholder were to pass away or become unable to perform their duties, the other shareholders would have certain obligations to purchase their portion of the company. However, many times the funding for the purchase of the shares of the company has not been set up in a tax efficient manner.

Life Insurance

The utilization of corporate owned life insurance to fund a buy-sell agreement is the most efficient and effective way of transferring ownership of a company from the deceased to the remaining shareholders.


Life Buy/Sell insurance is often utilized by corporations; however, what do you do if a shareholder becomes permanently disabled and unable to perform their duties? A Corporate Owned Disability Buy/Sell plan is a very effective planning tool geared specifically for the smooth transition of power from a disabled shareholder to his or her counterparts.

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