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Tax Strategy

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How We Can Help:

Insurance providers have tax strategy and planning groups that provide comprehensive tax advice on a wide range of domestic and financial matters. Our clients include; public and private companies, and individuals and trusts engaged in various business and investment activities.


Unlike traditional tax lawyers and chartered accountants, the tax and estate planning departments of insurance companies focus their creative energies on developing tax-advantaged structures for complex business deals and identify practical solutions to complicated tax problems. At Burgoyne Insurance we best serve our clients by utilizing the Tax and Estate Planning departments and engaging them in all areas where their expertise are needed. Whether that be; deriving the value of a company for negotiating an acquisition or sale, working with corporate lawyers to draft a buy/sell agreement, or bringing on board bank branches to fund expansions, we can help. The results of our approach speaks for itself. Over the years, our firm's clients have realized millions of dollars in benefits due to early tax and estate planning.
For example, Burgoyne Insurance in conjunction with the insurer's Tax and Estate Planning Groups have assisted clients in structuring hundreds of taxable and tax-free investment, retirement, and succession planning strategies involving millions of dollars. Some of these include; corporately owned fund based investment assets, tax efficient corporate succession planning, and innovative retirement planning using insurance based products. In each case, we present the goal of maximizing legitimate available tax benefits while maintaining full compliance with the most complicated technical issues in the Canadian Revenue Agency.


Our goal is to combine our experience, connections, and a devotion to technical proficiency to provide creative yet pragmatic solutions to our client's problems. When needed, we lean on our contacts at the Tax and Estate Planning Groups to provide additional nonpartial quality professional judgment, and dedication to problem-solving initiatives (as opposed to less valuable issue spotting).


Whether it relates to taxes owed at death and/or structuring issues, establishing a charitable donation, or creating efficient retirement income streams, we can help. 

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